Our Story

Grow Up Romania, born in December 2016, is a group of informed and active parents, a civic initiative to transform Bucharest into a friendly city, both for the children and for parents. At the moment, the group acts as an Non-Profit Organization, with 5 founding members and a community of over 6500 supporters.

Having playgrounds and accessibility as a focal point of interest, Grow Up Romania helps Bucharest become a family friendly city, by informing, educating and encouraging civic involvement, and through projects delivered alongside authorities or on it’s own.

Even though the purpose of Grow Up Romania projects are to resolve the issues parents have while living in the urban space, the outcome actually benefits all the city’s inhabitants.

In the 3 years of civic duty we’ve had both small and big accomplishments such as the playground rehabilitation projects (equipment repair, swings, small houses and slides), refreshing the paint on the pedestrian crossing and repairing the area, or projects in which civic duty was encouraged and people from certain neighbourhoods were asked to pick up their garbage or clean up after their dogs.

„People who grow up in a city that cared for them are more likely to care for their city!”



  • Alma Cazacu
    Alma Cazacu // Passionate swimmer, producer & multimedia artist.
  • Dana Ostacie
    Dana Ostacie // Project management guru.
  • Adelina Oane
    Adelina Oane // Zen mother, wife, entrepreneur.
  • Iulia Groves
    Iulia Groves // Designer mother, mother designer.
  • Cristina Cioaba
    Cristina Cioaba // With 2 children, more motivated than ever.